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Soil Remediation

Sea-Chem's unique products help to regenerate brownfield sites by accelerating the natural decomposition of hydrocarbon pollutants - such as oil and gas - within contaminated soils, a process known as bioremediation. Cost-effective and totally sustainable, our soil treatments have quickly become established as leaders within the brownfield industry.


Sanctus Limited is a specialist remediation contractor offering solutions for all issues associated with brownfield land development.

They work with their clients to find the most cost effective and practical solution to contamination and problematic ground conditions and have been involved in over one thousand projects since they were established in 2003.

To date they have worked with firms such as ASDA, SONY, Kier Group, Vinci, Newland Homes and South West Highways to name a few.

The Sanctus team are able to design and implement a range of bespoke in-situ and ex-situ treatment technologies to remediate soils and groundwater.

This can include the excavation of contaminated soils and formation of windrows for treatment using Sea-Chem's unique products.

Contact Alex Willison, Senior Environmental Engineer, on awillison@sanctusltd.co.uk or 07841 498883.

Sanctus project at Darlaston

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