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Sea Clean Heavy Duty Rubber Tyre Mark Remover (Various Sizes)




Sea Clean Heavy Duty Tyre Mark Remover is an effective natural solution for clearing tyre marks and other rubber deposits from industrial floors.

Tyre marks can pose a serious probelm in industrial and commercial environments, obscuring safety lines in warehouse and generally leaving the premises looking unsightly. Sea Clean Heavy Duty Tyre Mark Remover contains seaweed extracts and special plant esthers that lift these rubber deposits off surfaces such as concrete, Epoxy coatings and uPVC screeds, allowing them to be brushed away.

  • Non-Corrosive: the product is 100% biodegradable so it will not eat into the floor surface, or any coverings or paint, as some chemical cleaners do
  • Health and Safety: the product contains no caustic chemicals, harmful solvents or paraffin, and no aromatic, chlorinated or brominated hydrocarbons; as a result, it is neither flammable nor hazardous to employee health, making storage and application in an industrial or commercial context incredibly low risk
  • Environmentally Safe: the product is derived from sustainably harvested British seaweed and other organic plant extracts; it is the most ecologically responsible product for tyre mark removal currently on the market, offering no threat whatsoever to the local ecosystem
  • Other Applications: designed primarily for use in factory or warehouse environments, the product is also a highly effective solution for sports halls, car showrooms or other locations where rubber marks can cause a problem


  • Organic cleaner derived from seaweed and plant extracts
  • Removes stubborn rubber tyre marks from non-porous floor surfaces
  • Safe to use on epoxy and uPVC coatings (non-corrosive)
  • Ideal for cleaning forklight tyre marks from warehouse flooring
  • Best used in conjunction with hand-operated floor cleaning machine
  • 100ml to 200ml of product required to clean approximately one square metre
  • People and planet friendly: 100% biodegradable; no gloves necessary
  • Produced in the UK from sustainably harvested seaweed stocks

Sea Clean HDTMR performs best in conjunction with a hand-operated floor washing machine. Sweep floor to remove debris and then apply product using a hand-held spray or backpack system. For every square metre to be treated, apply between 100 and 200ml of product. Leave to stand for 30 to 60 minutes, then go over the area with a combination scrubber/dryer machine loaded with a general cleaning product to easily remove tyre marks. Make the first pass of the scrubber/drier machine without using the vacuum, giving the product additional contact time with the floor. On the second pass, scrub the floor and recover excess product as usual. If you have no access to a scrubber/drier, the marks can be removed with a wire brush or abrasive pad.

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