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Sea Clean Industrial Floor Cleaner (Various Sizes)




Sea Clean Industrial Floor Cleaner is a highly effective, versatile cleaner and degreaser derived from seaweed and plant extracts. It offers businesses a range of workplace benefits when compared to chemical-based floor cleaners.

  • Total Versatility: Sea Clean Industrial Floor Cleaner is safe to use on a range of surfaces, including concrete, plastics (inc. vinyl), rubber, glass and painted surfaces
  • Health and Safety: containing no caustic alkalis, silicates, phosphates, harmful solvents or aggressive biocides, the product is extremely low-risk to handle and store on site, and poses no threat to employee health; furthermore, the product isn't flammable, can be handled without gloves and does not need to be stored in a bonded warehouse
  • Environmentally Safe: derived from sustainably harvested British seaweed stocks and reinforced with other organic plant extracts, the product is an environmentally responsible option for businesses, posing no threat to the local eco-system whatsoever
  • Organic cleaner derived from seaweed and plant extracts
  • For cleaning dirt, grime and oil from warehouse and factory floors
  • Best used in conjunction with a specialised floor cleaning machine, but can also be applied manually
  • General dilution rate of 1:50 with water
  • People and planet friendly: 100% biodegradable; no gloves necessary
  • Produced in the UK from sustainably harvested seaweed stocks

Manual: Dilute Sea Clean Industrial Floor Cleaner between 1:20 and 1:50 with depending upon the level of dirt on the floor. Cold water can be used, but for optimum performance use water at approximately 40C. Apply to surface with a cloth, sponge, spray or mop. Rinse and leave to dry.

Floor Cleaning Machines: Dilute Sea Clean Industrial Floor Cleaner at 1:50 with water and add to the tank of an automatic floor cleaning machine. Make the first pass of the machine without using the vacuum, allowing the product additional contact time with the floor. On the second pass, scrub floor and recover waste water as usual.

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