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Industrial Cleaning Products

Our Sea Clean degreasing formula utilises the amazing properties of native British seaweed for such applications as component washing and metal preparation. Its unique natural cleaning power has also spawned a range of specialist janitorial cleaners.

Sea Clean Industrial Oil Remover

Sea Clean Industrial Oil Remover takes our eco-friendly degreasing formula and reinforces it with specialist plant surfactants to create an industrial-strength cleaner for treating surfaces heavily covered in oil and grease.


      Product Description

      Sea Clean Industrial Oil Remover's unique combination of plant compounds traps oil and grease on industrial surfaces, allowing them to be released and then easily washed away. Ideal for cleaning areas prior to painting/sealing or for quickly dealing with localized oil spills, this unique product offers businesses a range of benefits:

      • Total Versatility: suitable for use on a range of surface types, including concrete, brick and brezeblock
      • Health and Safety: containing no caustic alkalis, silicates, phosphates, harmful solvents or aggressive biocides, the product is extremely low-risk to handle and store on site, and poses no threat to employee health; furthermore, the product isn't flammable, can be handled without gloves and does not need to be stored in a bonded warehouse
      • Environmentally Safe: derived from sustainably harvested British seaweed stocks and reinforced with other organic plant extracts, the product is an environmentally responsible option for businesses, posing no threat to the local eco-system whatsoever

      Application Instructions

      Sea Clean Industrial Oil Remover is supplied ready to use. Sweep floor to remove debris. Apply liberally to the area to be cleaned either manually or with a back pack spray system. Work well into the surface with a stiff brush and leave for 20 to 60 minutes. Rinse the area well with a pressure washer or hose. Collect the rinse water with a wet-vac machine.

      One litre of Sea Clean Industrial Oil Remover with treat an area of between 1 to 2 square metres.

      Application Instructions

      Material Safety Data Sheet

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      Natural Industrial Oil Remover - 5 Litres - Sea Clean

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      The Sea Clean Janitorial Range

      The Sea Clean degreasing formula has been modified with additional plant extracts and natural products to tailor it to a series of specialist industrial applications.