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Industrial Cleaning Products

Our Sea Clean degreasing formula utilises the amazing properties of native British seaweed for such applications as component washing and metal preparation. Its unique natural cleaning power has also spawned a range of specialist janitorial cleaners.

Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover

Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover is a special low-foaming version of our green degreasing formula designed for washing high-sided vehicles via a power spray system.


Product Description

We improved the Sea Clean degreasing formula by adding natural foam-reducing agents in order make it suitable for high pressure application. The result is the Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover, a cleaning solution designed to remove road grime and dirt from cars, vans and lorries.

  • Health and Safety: the Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover contains only natural ingredients, which means it is neither flammable nor hazardous to employee health
  • Versatile: the product can be safely used on painted and unpainted metal surfaces, as well as plastic, rubber and glass
  • Environmentally Safe: because Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover is totally biodegradable, it can be washed straight into a storm drain, unlike chemical alternatives


Sea Clean Traffic Film Remover should be dilluted at a rate of 1:50 with water for general use. Apply the product to the vehicle via a power wash system. The product is effective at temperatures up to 85C; however it performs at its optimum level in ambient conditions. It will remove most dirt in 30  to 120 seconds, depending upon the pressure of the water jet. Spent product will pose no threat to the environment and can be disposed of down a storm drain.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

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The Sea Clean Janitorial Range

The Sea Clean degreasing formula has been modified with additional plant extracts and natural products to tailor it to a series of specialist industrial applications.