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Wastewater Treatment

Sea-Chem have developed a system that combines a natural biostimulant with a bacteria additive to greatly accelerate the rate at which organic waste can be treated in water. It is a simple approach that produces some quite fantastic results.


Case Studies

Industrial Estate, England

The Environmental Agency issued a formal warning to a trading estate in the North of England after discovering that the discharge from their wastewater package plant was over 11 times the legally acceptable level.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.34.39.png

Tests were carried out for BOD (biological oxygen demand),ammonia and suspened solids, with each reading revealing a serious threat to the local water supply and eco-system.

Under threat of environmental sanctions, the owners of the trading estate - which houses 20 businesses - contacted our agents, who prescribed a shock treatment of Sea Sure and BioBoost.

After three weeks, there was a reduction of at least 95% in overall discharge, bringing the site comfortably within legally permissible levels.


Solids mg/l
Initial Level22811046.3
Acceptable Levels201030
After 3 Weeks of Treatment33.24< 2.0
Reduction99%97%> 95%