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Land Remediation

Sea-Chem's unique products help to regenerate brownfield sites by accelerating the natural decomposition of hydrocarbon pollutants - such as oil and gas - within contaminated soils, a process known as bioremediation. Cost-effective and totally sustainable, our soil treatments have quickly become established as leaders within the brownfield industry.


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Our Synergistic System 

We combine two distinct techniques to create a powerful and unique new approach to soil remediation. 

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Product Development 

Our system was tested on over 50 European sites during a 10-year development phase. 


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Technical Info

Everything you need to know about using our products on your contaminated land project. 


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Case Studies

Find out how our products have turn contaminated sites around in the past.

Our Partners

We have a wide range of clients who utilise our products on their bioremediation sites.