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Wastewater Treatment

Sea-Chem have developed a system that combines a natural biostimulant with a bacteria additive to greatly accelerate the rate at which organic waste can be treated in water. It is a simple approach that produces some quite fantastic results.


Our Synergistic System

Sea-Chem's approach to wastewater treatment involves the simultaneous use of two, mutually beneficial products. By itself, each product helps to maintain healthy wastewater systems; however, only when the two are combined is the true potential of each revealed.

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Organic Treatment

Sea Sure is a blend of seaweed and plant extracts that nourishes the essential bacteria within a wastewater or sewage treatment system. By stimulating and strengthening these microbes, the product helps to increase the rate at which organic effluent can be broken down. You can think of Sea Sure a bit like an energy drink for the micro-organisms that purify wastewater: its essential micronutrients send their metabolism into overdrive; meanwhile, special compounds catalyze their natural cell defences, allowing them to thrive in toxic environments.

Bacteria Treatment

BioBoost for Wastewater is a blend of specially-sourced, dried bacteria spores that helps to increase the overall microbe population in wastewater treatment systems. This kind of bacteria augmentation is the most effective way of redressing the bacteria loss that can come about as a result of chemical or toxic agents in the waste stream, as well as from the irregular flow of effluent. Each gramme of BioBoost contains five billion colony forming units, meaning that regular application can greatly increase the speed and extent to which effluent can be broken down.

Bringing Our Treatments Together

Applying Sea Sure and BioBoost at the same time gives you the benefits of using both; that is, a stimulant for the bacteria within your wastewater system, as well as a means of artificially boosting their numbers. However, the overall effect is much greater than the sum of the two parts.

Research has shown that when you when you add a dry bacteria augment to wastewater as many as 95% of the new microbes perish before they reach the treatment zone because they are deprived of the nutrients they need for survival.

Whereas in our system, Sea Sure acts as a stimulant for the billions of bacteria contained within BioBoost, producing a frenzied level of activity prior to application. This allows system owners to introduce a powerful shock treatment of highy stimulated microbes in order to recover their systems or, through regular treatment, to maintain them in good health.

System Benefits

Commercial and industrial customers who use our synergistic system for their wastewater treatment find that the approach:

  • Prevents the build up of untreated effluent within a wastewater system, which can lead to blockages and backflows
  • Reduces the levels of BOD, ammonia and suspended solids in end discharge, reducing the risk of breaching environmental legislation
  • Tackles bad smells and environmental health risks associated with inefficient wastewater treatment
  • Helps to protect against expensive emergency system recovery work whilst extending the life of the tank (ie. the length of time between scheduled tank pump outs)

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