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Soil Remediation

Sea-Chem's unique products help to regenerate brownfield sites by accelerating the natural decomposition of hydrocarbon pollutants - such as oil and gas - within contaminated soils, a process known as bioremediation. Cost-effective and totally sustainable, our soil treatments have quickly become established as leaders within the brownfield industry.


Synergistic System

Sea-Chem's Synergistic System for soil remediation involves the simultaneous application of two distinct products, which combine three common approaches to land clean-up into one simple treatment. Sound confusing? - Let us explain.

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Sea Power 101: Biostimulant and Biosurfactant 

Sea Power 101 is a liquid reagent derived from a unique mixture of seaweed and plant extracts. It's purpose is to speed up the natural digestion of hydrocarbon pollutants - such as oil, petrol and gas - by soil bacteria, a process known as 'bioremediation'. In doing so, it effectively works as two treatments in one.

  • Biostimulation: Sea Power 101 is full of nutrients that bacteria love. These essential elements stimulate the metabolic processes of soil mirco-organisms and catalyze their defences, allowing them to operate more effectively in toxic environments.
  • Bioavailability: Seaweed extracts within Sea Power 101 contain a wealth of active compounds called surfactants - or 'wetting agents' - which emulsify hydrocarbon pollutants within soil, increasing their bioavailability - that is, the ease with which the bacteria can bind to them and digest them.

The combined result: Sea Power 101 helps to accelerate the natural degradation of pollutants by stimulating the metabolism of soil microbes and improving the availability of their food source.

BioBoost: Completing Our Synergistic System

Sea Power 101 was a fantastic innovation for contaminated soil remediation; but we wanted to develop a system that would truly revolutionize the process. We therefore introduced a crucial third principle into our treatment.

  • Bioaugmentation: The addition of billions of new bacteria spores to a contaminated site with a view to improving the extent and speed of bioremediation.

BioBoost - our specially developed bacteria additive - is mixed with Sea Power 101 as part of the Synergistic System. It's an approach that overcomes the traditional limitation of bacterial augments: namely, the fact that 98% of new microbes perish within the first 24 hours because they are starved of the conditions required to sustain them. Sea Power 101, crammed full of nutrients, gives the new microbes everything they need to survive until they reach their food source: the hydrocarbon contaminants within the soil.

As for the BioBoost formula itself, it contains 11 species of specially chosen bacteria, including eight lines of bascillus (for low-end, 'light' hydrocarbons); two varieties of pseudomonas (for 'heavy' hydrocarbons, such as PAHs and BTEX); and an anthrobacter (for type -(a)styrene). All species employ positive chemotaxis, a mechanism that allows them to home in on the areas of worst contamination.

Summary and Further Information

In a nutshell, our Synergistic System is a threefold solution for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon laden soils, employing the principles of biostimulation, bioavailability and bioaugmentation into one simple and hugely effective treatment. Clients who utilise our products are able to treat more contaminated sites than has previously been possible - including those containing PAHs and BTEX - and do so within shorter time periods.

  • Techincal Information section provides much more on the practicalities of using the Synergistic System on your project
  • Case Studies gives a flavour of some of the work that has been completed using these products
  • Product Development provides the background and evolution of our approach to bioremediation
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Visual Transformation: This windrow was constructed over several days. The soil on the left hand side appears lighter in colour than that on the right because our Synergistic System has begun to metabolise the hydrocarbon contaminants within it.