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Shropshire Seaweed (20L) for Refill and Zero Waste Shops




A Refillable Organic Fertilizer For UK Zero Waste Shops

Shropshire Seaweed is one of the UK’s best-selling organic fertilizers online – and now it is available for Zero Waste shops. It is the perfect fit for a customer base who are already wanting to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Sustainable: Certified OFG organic, vegan, and safe to use around family and pets
  • Multipurpose: Great for vegetables, houseplants, lawns and more
  • Concentrated and Great Value: 100ml makes 50L of fertilizer

What is more, we will be telling our existing customers where they can refill their containers via our website and product labels. We are serious about reducing our environmental impact and see a huge opportunity to sell organic fertiliser in a sustainable way via Zero Waste shops.

Lillie Lockwood, Green Options Zero Waste, Shrewsbury

“We were so excited when we heard about the opportunity to sell Shropshire Seaweed as a refill in our Zero Waste shop. It is an amazing product which has gone down so well with all our green-fingered customers who want to cut down on plastic. One customer watched his peppers double in size after he started to use the seaweed on his allotment, and another has said she has never seen her houseplants look so healthy. We were provided with information cards for the customers to take away with application instructions which is great. We think this product should be a staple in all refill stores: it is high quality, organic, easy to decant using a tap, does not have an overpowering odour and allows customers to take as much or as little as they need.  Highly recommended.”

Shropshire Seaweed is available in reusable 20L containers for £84.99, including VAT, delivery, and free no-hassle bottle returns. In addition, we provide free application cards for customers to take home with them.

We recommend a retail price of £1.20 per 100ml as a refill, making this a popular and profitable addition to every Zero Waste shop.

Please note, you will require a liquid dispenser in store for this product. We recommend a tap over a pump for Shropshire Seaweed.

If you have a bottle to return to us, please email refill@sea-chem.co.uk and specify your address and preferred day and time of collection (Monday to Friday only). You only need to put the lid back on; you do not need to put the bottle in a box. Our driver will apply a label to the bottle when he picks it up.

Customers are currently able to refill their bottles with our Organic Fertilizer at the following UK locations. Complete your order today to add your business to this map.


Customers in the EU: Please note that from the 1st January 2021, there will be no UK VAT levied in our store for EU orders. However, you will be liable to pay Import VAT at your local rate if the value of the goods, excluding delivery, is above 22 EURO. This will be collected electronically at the customs border and will also include any administrative charges applied by the courier and your local authorities. Unfortunately we are unable to approximate these charges at this time. If you proceed with an order, please note that any returns will be your responsibility and must fulfilled at your expense.

Please note, that orders below 22 EURO, excluding delivery, are unaffected by the above and no additional charges or VAT will be applied at the border.

We continue to seek ways to simplify the buying process for our customers and we hope that in time these charges will be removed.