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Septic Tank Treatment Products

At TreatMySepticTank.com, the health of your septic tank is our priority. We know what it's like when these delicate underground systems break down, so we've developed a range of products to protect them. In fact, even if your tank is already showing the signs of ill-health, our products can probably nurse it back into working order.

Our Septic Tank Kits employ a unique, dualistic approach to wastewater treatment. Our secret is to provide septic tanks with the bacteria required to sustain their microbe communities alongside a nutrient mix that optimises their performance. It's like giving the bugs that protect your tank a huge can of Red Bull. The result is unbeatable performance and peace of mind.

Septic Tank User Guide

Which product do I need?


Want peace of mind and protection against septic tank problems? Try our BioBoost Tablets or Annual Health Kit. They are monthly treatments which help ward off problems.


If your tank is starting to show signs of distress, the Shock Treatment Kit is the product for you.

Complete Care

Ideal for malfunctioning or newly-installed tanks, our Complete Care helps to get your system up to or back to working order, and then provides enough treatment to keep it that way month after month.