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Annual Health Kit for Septic Tanks: 12 Months Of Unbeatable Treatment




For the most troublesome tanks - or for extra peace of mind

Our Annual Treatment Kit is a revolutionary approach to septic tank maintenance. Combining bacteria and nutrients in one complimentary system, the kit delivers an unbeatable monthly hit of fresh microbes that help your tank avoid costly and unpleasant complications. Our Wastewater Solution is rich in the nutrients that bacteria love, so it acts like an energy drink for the BioBoost Tablets, heightening their performance. As a result, this easy-to-apply kit offers unbeatable protection available against smells, blockages and breakdowns, allowing you to enjoy total peace of mind.

  • Contains 12 BioBoost Tablets and 1L of Sea-Chem Wastewater Solution
  • Maintains an average-size UK septic tank or wastewater system for one year
  • Unique two-product approach offers unbeatable protection - for underperforming tanks or extra peace of mind
  • Maintain a healthy system, avoiding complications, such as smells, blockages and breakdowns
  • Extends the period between routine tank pump-outs, saving you money

On the first day of every month, carry out the following:

1. Measure out 500ml of warm water and add approximately 80ml of this Sea Sure nutrient.

2. Dissolve one BioBoost Tablet into the solution and mix well. Handle tablet with rubber glove provided.

3. Flush into the septic tank through a connected lavatory. You can also pour the mixture directly into the tank if you have access.

4. Repeat the whole process the following month.

Septic tanks are dynamic microbial communities and are sensitive to certain substances and types of behavior. Check out our User Guide to find out what to avoid.

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