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Septic Tank Bacteria Tablets: No Fuss Monthly Treatment





BioBoost Tablets are the UK's strongest bacterial treatment for septic tanks - up to 300 times stronger than some of their competitors. Each tablet contains seven microbe species which have been developed to help eliminate bad odours from your system quickly and efficiently. Flushing in one tablet each month will also ensure your tank's microbe numbers remain high enough to ward off blockages and other expensive complications.

Does what it says! "We had a bad smell from our septic tank; BioBoost solved the problem!" -Amazon Customer Read review

The bad smell has disappeared! "Did exactly what it claimed on the tin! The septic tank had not been working and a couple of days after dosing it with the first tablet, the bad smell had disappeared. Second tablet added after two weeks as insurance and no problems since. Recommended!" - 58Wicker Read review

Did the job! "We had been naughty and used the wrong cleaning products, so the tank was getting a bit whiffy. Three days after popping in a tab, the smell had completely gone. I have to admit I was a sceptic, but for £20, there was nothing to loose. Fantastic product." - colinmorrison3Read review

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  • Contains 12 BioBoost Tablets; enough to treat a one-house septic tank for one year
  • The UK's strongest septic tank treatment; each tablet contains 50 billion bacteria colonies
  • Helps maintain a healthy system and avoid complications, such as smells, blockages and breakdowns
  • Extends the period between routine tank pump-outs; a large cost saving over several years
  • Easy to apply; simply flush down a connected toilet once a month
  • Full application instructions included

Flush one tablet per month down a connected toilet. Handle tablet with rubber glove provided.

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