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BioBoost Septic Tank Bacteria Tablets: No Fuss Monthly Treatment (12 Months Supply)




Powerful, no fuss, tablets - trusted by thousands of UK households

BioBoost is the UK's strongest bacterial treatment for septic tanks - up to 300 times stronger than some competing products. Easily applied via a connected toilet, these nifty tablets contain billions of good bacteria to help keep your septic tank or wastewater system in good health. By boosting your bacteria numbers on a monthly basis, you'll protect against nasty smells and blockages - and extend the life of the tank between routine pump-outs.

UPC: 609224298219

  • Maintains an average-size UK septic tank or wastewater system for one year (12 tablets)
  • Strongest treatment around: each tablet contains 50 billion bacteria
  • Maintain a healthy system, avoiding complications, such as smells, blockages and breakdowns
  • Extends the period between routine tank pump-outs, saving you money
  • Easy to apply: simply flush down a connected toilet once a month

Flush one tablet per month down a connected toilet or other inlet into your tank.

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