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Septic Tank Complete Care Kit: Shock Treatment + 12 Month Aftercare




Our Complete Care Kit combines the UK's leading shock treatment for septic tanks with a complimentary twelve-month aftercare program, providing a comprehensive solution to establishing and maintaining healthy conditions within new, recently emptied or failing systems. Shock treatment combines two mutually beneficial products - dried bacteria and liquid septic tank nutrient - and is applied over the course of one week to provide a huge boost to your tank's overall microbe levels. These two synergistic treatments are then applied again every month to keep the system topped up. Tanks treated using the Complete Care Kit are less likely to encounter expensive blockages or unpleasant smells - and will last much longer between routine pump-outs.

This works well! "It arrived the next day. It was easy to use, it took about a week to work, which is what we expected, and the smells have all disappeared." - Julie SherlockRead review

Very pleased so far! "So far, so good. The smell used to be quite hard to take at times, when the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Have been using the product for a few months now and no horrible smells." - Lydia M Read review

  • Complete Care Kit is designed to kickstart new, recently-emptied, or failing septic tanks and maintain them in good working condition for a period of 12 months
  • Combines two separate treatment kits: Shock Treatment Kit (£44.99; contains 2 x 15g pots of BioBoost powder, 5L of Sea Sure); and Annual Health Kit (£29.99; contains 12 BioBoost Tablets, 1L of Sea Sure)
  • Products combine in an unbeatable, unique dual system that stimulates and supports the bacteria within septic tanks
  • Follows up a one-week 'shock' treatment with a simple monthly maintenance programme, making sure that bacteria levels remain high and complications - such as bad smells and blockages - don't develop
  • Easy to apply; simply mix and flush down a connected toilet

Shock Treatment Kit

On the first day of every month, carry out the following:

Application of this kit takes place over the course of one week. On the first day, carry out the following steps:

  1. Measure out 2.5 litres of Sea Sure nutrient and mix in one 15g pot of BioBoost powder until dissolved. Handle the powder using the rubber glove provided.
  2. Flush this mixture into the septic tank through a connected lavatory. You can also pour it directly into the tank itself if you have open-top access.
  3. One week later, repeat the whole process with the remaining nutrient and the second pot of BioBoost.
  4. If using this product as part of the Complete Care Kit, apply the first dose of the Annual Health Kit one month later.

Annual Health Kit

  1. Measure out 500ml of warm water and add approximately 80ml of this Sea Sure nutrient.
  2. Dissolve one BioBoost Tablet into the solution and mix well. Handle tablet with rubber glove provided.
  3. Flush into the septic tank through a connected lavatory. You can also pour the mixture directly into the tank if you have access.
  4. Repeat the whole process the following month.

Septic tanks are dynamic microbial communities and are sensitive to certain substances and types of behavior. Check out our User Guide to find out what to avoid.

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