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Wastewater Treatment

Sea-Chem have developed a system that combines a natural biostimulant with a bacteria additive to greatly accelerate the rate at which organic waste can be treated in water. It is a simple approach that produces some quite fantastic results.

Case Studies

Industrial Estate, England

The Environmental Agency issued a formal warning to a trading estate in the North of England after discovering that the discharge from their wastewater package plant was over 11 times the legally acceptable level.


Tests were carried out for BOD (biological oxygen demand), ammonia and suspened solids, with each reading revealing a serious threat to the local water supply and eco-system.

Under threat of environmental sanctions, the owners of the trading estate - which houses 20 businesses - contacted our agents, who prescribed a shock treatment of Sea Sure and BioBoost.

After three weeks, there was a reduction of at least 95% in overall discharge, bringing the site comfortably within legally permissible levels.

Solids mg/l
Initial Level 228 110 46.3
Acceptable Levels 20 10 30
After 3 Weeks of Treatment 3 3.24 < 2.0
Reduction 99% 97% > 95%

More Case Studies Available Soon