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Seaweed Based Cleaning Products

Sea-Chem's products are derived from one of the planet's few remaining untapped resources: seaweed. Full of unique nutrients and compounds, these underwater plants have hundreds of amazing on-shore applications. Our company has developed several of these over the last decade, including new solutions for soil and water treatment. However, in truth, we've only scratched the surface of what these plants can offer. Many more discoveries lie ahead...

Environmental Cleaning Products

Sea-Chem's flagship products have been developed to treat the damage that human industry has inflicted on the world around us. Our eco-friendly, synergistic systems for the remediation of contaminated soil and water have quickly become established as industry leaders.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Sea-Chem's unique range of industrial cleaning products are derived from the powerful Sea Clean degreasing solution. Each product has been tailored to suit a specific type of workplace application.